St Paul’s Mint produces custom tokens for a wide range of sectors and applications, such as casinos, family fun centres, amusement parks, arcades and vending machines; they are also used for promotional activities and events. Tokens are typically issued and exchanged as a form of payment.

We are also proud to provide coinage for several UK Heritage sites.

Security tokens

High quality security tokens suitable for public area usage are manufactured at St Paul’s. They are minted to exact tolerances and can be replicated to match an existing token that has been calibrated to a coin mechanism. Metal tokens are extremely robust and virtually resistant to wear. Using a specific mix of diameter, thickness, material and design we are able to create tokens that are unique to your application. All tokens have three basic security features, these being, piece weight, conductivity reading and grooved key plate control. These parameters are met using our in-house blank design facility software.

We are able to source alloys that enable us to produce tokens blanks from alloys including copper, nickel, zinc, lead, aluminium and brass.