Token Destruction

St Paul’s Mint offers a fully secure token destruction service for casino token recycling. Our approved token destruction plans are accepted by many casinos and using our secure off-site smelting facility makes the destruction of tokens quick and legal, complete with your own Certificate of Destruction upon completion.

  • Ship your tokens to us and we handle the rest. On receipt of the tokens, we will photograph the unloading of the tokens. Any visual damage will be reported immediately.
  • Sample tokens will be taken and material analysed and recorded.
  • A full inventory is taken of the tokens, and comprehensive paperwork is logged showing details of types of containers shipped in, denomination, piece weight, quantity, total weight and number of bags. All denominations are kept separate.
  • This information is checked against an inventory list that is sent with the tokens and any abnormalities are reported immediately.
  • Once we have received the material analysis, the tokens are then dispatched to our secure facility for smelting, where the weight is once again checked and recorded.
  • On smelting, a Certificate of Destruction is issued with full analysis of the tokens.