89mm Super-Size medal

These super-size medals come in a variety of finishes; silver plated, gold plated or antique silver finish. Struck with a corded edge there is a pain part on the edge of the medals that allows for consecutive numbering.

40mm Deep Relief medals

This type of medal is stuck using formed blanks to give maximum relief of design. Our medals come in many forms, and can be made in a variety of material and finishes.

PFA Awards

We are proud to have supplied the medals for the Professional Footballers Association for 2012 to 2015.

Abdication and Inauguration Medals

Medals specifically designed to mark the renunciation by a monarch, such as a king or queen of his or her office.

Inauguration is a formal ceremony to mark the beginning of a major public leaders term of office. We are proud to have been asked to produce a series of medals to commemorate both these events.

Replica Medals

These medals are often produced with a limited number issued to celebrate the original issue of a value coin. The replica medals will carry the word ‘copy’ or will be individually marked with a unique number.

Selective Gold Plated Medals

Medals are struck and then part of the design is plated using either a pen system or masking system to enhance an image.

Printed Medals

This is a very popular way of producing medals. Medals can be printed using pad printing or by laser printing.

Regalia & Military Badges

We design and manufacture medals with traditional or modern styled suspension bars for defence organisations around the world.

Award and Association medals

We have been commissioned to manufacture award and association medals using traditional and modern methods of production. These are usually one-off medals to celebrate a victory.


We have developed tooling to produce metal stamps, which can be supplied in a variety of material and finishes. Using a clipped edge we are able to replicate a stamp’s look.