Embossed Labels

St Pauls Printing & Label Co Ltd

St Paul’s Printing & Label Co Ltd was established in 1864 in St Paul’s Square, Birmingham. Originally, printing was a large part of the core business, today we do not carry out any printing on site, and our main business is now producing metal embossed labels.

We manufacture and supply metal embossed labels in a variety of different metals including aluminium, brass, copper, tin and mild steel. Used as a signature on your product, your nameplate will add a touch of distinction to your entire product line.

The premium label gives a high quality look to your products. Stamped with a sunk or raised design these labels and nameplates are available in a range of finishes and metals together with a choice of sizes and shapes. The identification tags can have pierced holes for easy attachment and can also be sequentially numbered for identification purposes.

We are also able to offer the following products:

  • Metal Embossed Labels
  • Fencing Labels
  • Metal Packing Labels
  • Consecutively Numbered Labels
  • Metal Stampings and Pressings
  • Nameplates
  • General Presswork

Our standard shapes and sizes are:

  • Standard large Oval – size: 57 x 31 x .25mm
  • Small Oval – size: 34 x 18 x .25mm or 31 x 21 x .25mm
  • Oblong – size: 65 x 30 x .25mm
  • Oblong with cut out Corners – size: 65 x 39 x .25mm
  • Oblong with rounded corners – size: 75 x 23 x .25mm

Stock materials include Aluminium and Brass

We are able to offer an antique finish on a brass label to give the appearance of older discoloured metal.