Craftmanship & Expertise

Although only established in 2003, St Paul’s owners are master craftsmen who have decades of experience in the numismatics and have been working to ensure the products produced are of the highest quality.

With experience, dedication and meticulous skills, our craftsmen create only the best products to suit our customers’ requirements around the world.

Every one of our products is produced from high quality materials and the finest craftsmanship. All our coins and medals are carefully designed and crafted with the finest attention to detail at every step of the minting process.

We produce a variety of themed coins and medallions to commemorate memorable events around the world. Each collection has its own distinctive story, and preserves the beauty of their subject matter which can be shared by many generations.

Advanced production processes utilising the latest technology, world-class handwork, meticulously supervised quality control and the passion of the craftsmen at St Paul’s, all provide for our uncompromising commitment to deliver products of the highest quality with first class designs and timeless appeal.